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Indy & Olly’s got its start in 2019 out of Evergreen, Colorado, when our founder decided it was time to honor two of her favorite dogs with a business that gives back. Indy & Olly’s—the company—has several goals:

  • Help homeless dogs find homes

  • Be a platform for promoting dog adoptions, spreading the spay & neuter message and keeping dogs out of shelters.

  • Care for the earth and its inhabitants in all we do.

Indy & Olly’s is a for-purpose dog bandana company that helps dogs in animal rescues and shelters get adopted by improving pet adoption photos…because dogs look #betterwithbandanas.


Debbie Wright

It is not a coincidence that Indy & Olly’s founder, Debbie Wright, started an animal-centric business. From early childhood, Debbie has had a rescue pup in her home. In fact, her parents rescued a Basenji named Taffy from Okinawa, Japan, after the dog befriended her father on the Army base. 


And it didn’t stop there. Debbie (and her family) went on to rescue more dogs, including Mandy (pictured) that she adopted from the Northampton County SPCA (Now, The Center for Animal Health & Welfare) in Pennsylvania when she was 10 years old. 

Since that time, Debbie has gone on to earn her B.S. in Environmental Studies from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania and her MBA with a certificate in entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado. Debbie has volunteered to walk dogs at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and currently lives in Evergreen, CO with her husband and two dogs.


Prior to starting Indy & Olly’s in 2019, Debbie worked as a Development Director at the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

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